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Indian Residential Schools Thrivers Group

(also known as - I.R.S. Survivors) 

"We don't want your pity, we want your help!" Alice Murdock, Fisher River FN IRS Survivor


Christina Kitchekesik

Joan Chubb

Marie Pelltier

Alice Murdock

Sharron Hotomani 

Pauline Petti

Ann Kidd

Susan Necan

Betty Ross

Jean Belegarde

Ann Callahan


The I.R.S. Thrivers Group began in 2014 with a group of Indian Residential School (IRS) survivors who didn't know each other but they were all interested in learning how to cope with and heal from the effects of the traumas they experienced at I.R.S. 

Some of the members were eligible to receive funding for healing through the I.R.S. Adjudication Secretariat, however not all members were eligible for this funding. They didn't want anyone to be excluded from any activities so they participated in fundraising to reach their goals of attending ceremonies and workshops as a group. In the past, some of their fundraising efforts were; baked goods sales, rummage and craft sales, and a bannock burger sale.

The eligible funding from the IRS Adjudication Secretariat combined with their fundraising efforts allowed the group to attend Sweat Lodge ceremonies as well as various workshops focused on healing strategies.

The group has evolved over the years; there are currently 11 members. Some are original members, some members left the group and new members have joined, and sadly some members passed on, but their main objective is to be their own support network which they have been from the beginning. They call or visit each other, and they use the skills they learn through ceremony and workshops to help and support each other as well as their inter-generational impacted family members.

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