Cultural Sensitivity


The Cultural Sensitivity Workshop is a full day dedicated to understanding the historical trauma, oppression, racism and cultural insensitivity that Indigenous people have been subjected to for over 150 years.


In this workshop, we will look at:

  • Demystifying some myths and misconceptions of Indigenous people

  • The seven geographic areas that shaped Indigenous communities

  • Traditional Indigenous worldviews, spiritualties, relationships with the land, and beliefs vs. religion

  • European contact to the present

  • The effects & impacts of the Indian Residential Schools

  • Sensitive subjects and reclaiming Indigenous cultural identity

  • Cultural over-sensitivity and defensiveness

  • The harm in cultural appropriation


The goal of this workshop is to provide information on historical trauma and how it still impacts Indigenous people today, to learn how myths and misconceptions begin and how to begin demystifying, and how misconceptions and lack of Indigenous cultural knowledge can lead to cultural over-sensitivity and defensiveness.


For costs and booking please contact us:


Toll Free: 1-866-640-5441

Winnipeg: 204-334-9395





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