Resolution Health Support Services

Anish Corporation has been providing emotional support services to IRS survivors and their families since 2003 through the Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (I.R.S.S.A.), the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (T.R.C.) and at national and regional commemoration events, conferences, workshops, film and book launch events, and at First Nations’ community events where IRS history or personal experiences are being shared. 


Demand-driven Health Support services have also been provided to our non-Indigenous friends like C.N. Rail, Great West Life, Cargill, and at universities, colleges, churches, etc. where IRS history or content is shared and during our Cultural Sensitivity Training.  


Our Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW) use informed trauma support practices ensuring a high standard of compassion and empathy to those in need of emotional support.  We understand the importance of being aware of the some of the triggers people deal with daily or while attending events where IRS historical content or experiences are being shared. Our RHSW’s have vast experience in all levels of crisis situations.


The role of a Resolution Health Support Workers (R.H.S.W.) is to:


  • provide a culturally appropriate level of mental health counseling and emotional support services when and where required, paying attention to those individuals in crisis and those attending I.A.P proceedings, IRS dispute resolution process and IRS hearings;

  • safely address a broad spectrum of mental health issues related to the disclosure of residential school abuses;

  • provide emotional and trauma informed support services to former IRS students/survivors, and their family member(s);

  • work in collaboration with various organizations and communities who are working to assist in the emotional well-being of former IRS students/survivors at the local, regional, and provincial/territorial level;

  • support the emotional health and wellness of former IRS students/survivors and their family member(s)


Client/Organization is responsible to have the following available for the RHSW team while providing RHSW support services:

  1. Pre-event meeting with R.H.S.W. team with Event Planner to review and confirm number of attendees;

  2. Provide 1 or 2 breakout rooms for one-on-one support with those in need of emotional support;

  3. Have Kleenex tissues, bottled water or water stations available in event or gathering area and in breakout rooms;

  4. Face clothes with bowls of cool water;

  5. Post Event Debriefing Meeting with RHSW’s and Event Planning teams to ensure safety of team members.



Traditional Sage or Sweetgrass Smudge can be made available upon request for your event at no additional cost. Confirmation that facility allows for smudging is needed and if smudging in not permitted, where in outside area can smudge be made available if needed.


For costs and booking please contact us:


Toll Free: 1-866-640-5441

Winnipeg: 204-334-9395

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