Indian Residential Schools Effects & Impacts


The focus of IRS Effects & Impacts is on the Indian Residential Schools and how they impacted and still have inter generational impacts on Indigenous people today. The goal is to help participants understand how the IRS era may have impacted their own families and communities so they can begin to heal and reconcile the effects for themselves and their families.

IRS Effects & Impacts consists of a video which includes the topics:

  • how traditional life teachings were vital in the development of a child

  • how those teachings were lost because of the IRS

  • what life was like during the IRS era for the children who attended and for the families left behind

  • how life has been since the schools closed


This information is meant to:

  • stimulate discussion about the IRS system and era,

  • to inform all Canadians of the effects and impacts that the IRS had and still has on First Nations people,

  • to help those who have felt the impact of the IRS system to understand why they may be facing challenges in their life,

  • to assist those who work with First Nations people daily to have a better understanding of the issues their clients face due to their attendance at IRS,

  • to bring attention to Inter-generational effects,

  • and to encourage change to school curriculum about the IRS system Implications


All Canadians have been impacted by the IRS System in some way, directly or indirectly. Lack of knowledge and education on the subject has divided the country by the perceptions people have about the IRS era and about the 60’s Scoop that followed. There is need for a greater understanding of how those effects and impacts have been passed on from generation to generation.  

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