Understanding Internalized Oppression & Lateral Violence


This 1-day workshop was designed to generate awareness of Internalized Oppression and Lateral Violence by providing participants with information on how these behaviors can be very harmful to our Indigenous people, families, communities and organizations.

This workshop will provide information to participants on what Internalized Oppression means, how it occurs and on the harmful affects of the Lateral Violence that is caused by Internalized Oppression, whether it be in the, workplace the home or in the community.

The goals of this workshop are to have the participants work together and share their thoughts on; what is not working, what are the weaknesses, how they can eliminate negativity, and what their strengths are. These discussions will pave the way to the creation of Lateral Violence Policy & Procedures as well as “Lateral Violence Free” zones!

Lateral Violence had no place in the First Nations communities prior to colonization but has become rampant in First Nations homes, schools, organizations and communities because of cultural oppression and inequality. In many cases, those who are committing Lateral Violence don’t even realize that they are doing it and/or they don’t realize how harmful their words or actions can be.


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