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Anish Cultural Connections

Resolution Health Support Services

Resolution Health Support Workers, also known as R.H.S.W.'s, provide a variety of flexible “front-line” mental health safety & support, coordination services, and cultural programs & workshops to former Indian Residential School (I.R.S.) survivors and their families and/or supports. R.H.S.W. services and programming can be accessed by contacting the Regional Coordinator Office at 1-866-818-3505, or by contacting Anish Corporation directly.

Teachings & Ceremonies

Cultural Teachings & Ceremonies are scheduled throughout the year as public events.

Personal requests will be considered on a case by case basis and will depend on

Elder/Spiritual Caregiver/Knowledge Keeper/Facilitator availability. 

Below is a list of Teachings & Ceremonies that we have hosted in the past.

Check out our "Events" page for upcoming Teachings & Ceremonies.

To request personal teachings or ceremonies please contact our office.

  • Sharing Circles - Various Topics

  • Pipe Ceremonies - Upon Request

  • Men's Sweat Lodge Ceremonies (Including those who identify as male or are most comfortable attending a men's lodge)

  • Women's Sweat Lodge Ceremonies (Including those who identify as female or are most comfortable attending a women's lodge)

  • Combined Sweat Lodge Ceremonies (Open to all)

  • Children's Gentle Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

  • Full Moon Ceremonies

  • Sacred Life Teachings - Traditional Roles & Responsibilities, Rites of Passage, Tipi Teaching, Life Star Teaching

  • Water & Fire Teachings

  • Forgiveness & Letting Go Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

  • Creation Stories

  • Women's Teachings

  • Traditional Medicine Teachings

  • Fasting Camps

  • Ribbon Skirt/Shirt Making

  • Rattle Making & Teachings

  • Hand Drum Making & Teachings

  • Naming, Colors & Clan Ceremony


For more information or to book a workshop for your group please contact us.
Indian Residential Schools Effects & Impacts Presentation

The focus of I.R.S. Effects & Impacts Presentation is on the Indian Residential Schools and how they impacted and still have inter-generational impacts on Indigenous people today. The goal is to help participants understand how the IRS era may have impacted their own families and communities so they can begin to heal and reconcile the effects for themselves and their families.

Internalized Oppression - Lateral Violence & Lateral Kindness Workshop

This workshop was designed to generate awareness of Internalized Oppression and Lateral Violence by providing participants with information on how these behaviors can be very harmful to individuals, families, communities and organizations and will provide information to participants on what Internalized Oppression is, how it occurs and about the harmful affects of Lateral Violence whether it be in the workplace, the home, or in the community.​ Participants will work together and share their thoughts on; what is working, what is not working, what are the weaknesses, how to eliminate negativity, and what their individual and group strengths are. These discussions will pave the way to the creation of Lateral Violence Policy & Procedures as well as “Lateral Violence Free” zones!

Understanding Trauma Workshop

The Understanding Trauma Workshop focuses on what trauma and P.T.S.D. are and how they affect our lives and the lives of those around us.​ In this workshop, we will discuss temporary coping through breathing, what happens in your brain and body when trauma is experienced, some signs & symptoms of trauma, what being “triggered” means and what happens when we become triggered, what P.T.S.D. means, and how to begin recovering from a traumatic experience or from the effects of trauma.


Domestic Violence & Healthy Relationships Workshop

The Domestic Violence & Healthy Relationships workshop was developed to provide participants with a better understanding of what domestic violence is, who it can happen to and what some of the warning signs are as well as what healthy relationships are in comparison whether they be personal or professional relationships.

Traditional Family Parenting Workshop

The Traditional Family Parenting Workshop consists of teachings and a hands-on activities that go with the old saying “It takes a community to raise a child”. In this workshop, we will discuss how Indigenous people parented prior to colonization and Residential School, healthy family and gender roles through "Life Star" teachings, the importance of family unity and nurturing environments, and tipi teachings; what the tipi represents, the teachings of each pole and how the poles teach us about family values.

Cultural Awareness Workshop

The Cultural Awareness Workshop is dedicated to helping our non-Indigenous friends to understand the historical trauma, oppression, racism and cultural insensitivity that Indigenous people have been subjected to for over 150 years. In this workshop we will demystify some myths and misconceptions of Indigenous people​, discuss traditional Indigenous worldviews, spiritualties, relationships with the land, and beliefs vs. religion, conceptualize a timeline of European contact to the present, and reflect on the effects & impacts of the Indian Residential Schools. We will also delve into some sensitive subjects on reclaiming Indigenous cultural identity, cultural over-sensitivity and defensiveness, and discuss the harm in cultural appropriation.


Financial Wellness Workshop

The Financial Wellness Program is a long-term holistic approach to socio-economic Indigenous prosperity based on developing a strong foundation of financial literacy against real-world applications. A relevant and usable financial education will arm our people with the knowledge to make informed decisions and enable them to become financially self-sustaining. The goal is for clients to learn from experienced financial professionals (banking, finance, counselling, business, etc.) to decipher the often, cloudy world of money management; professionals who will simplify and deconstruct seemingly complex financial topics into “bite-size” portions which are easy to understand and apply to everyday life. This will create fewer financial worries and help our people find balance and control over their finances, now and throughout their lifetime. 

Reigniting Our Identity Workshop

The Reigniting Our Identity Workshop takes participants through events of the past that had impacts on Indigenous peoples from across Canada. The focus of these events is on the people directly involved, whether they initiated the events or lost their lives which sparked the events.

Loss & Grief Workshop

In the Loss & Grief Workshop we will discuss the different stages of grieving and that there is no order to these stages; they will happen when they need to. Participants will learn how to cope with loss whether their loss is tangible (something we can see, feel, hold, etc.) or intangible (love, self-esteem, honor, etc.)

Smart Work Ethics Training Course

The Smart Work Ethics training course is facilitated by our partners at Amik Inc. It was designed to enhance employ-ability skills and workplace ethics or “soft skills” to prepare clients for the workforce.​ From making a good first impression to knowing what interpersonal skills are required in today’s workplace, employees need to be aware of what their employers look for, look at, and measure when they hire and promote employees. Employees who are unaware of these standards risk losing their job and becoming part of the “revolving entry level” employees.​ Employee responsibility is often the missing vital link in the working arena. This course presents the “need to know” essentials for today’s workplace, regardless of where that workplace is. The universal standards for thriving in a work environment will be presented and discussed and participants will develop an understanding of what employers want and look for in employees.

The goal is for clients to learn workplace ethics or soft skills such as:

  • Show up every day & on time

  • Use work time as work time – not personal time

  • Have a positive work attitude – enhance productivity

  • Get along with boss, co-workers and customers

  • Work independently

  • Take responsibility

  • Make informed choices

  • Create goals

  • Communicate effectively

  • Work with difficult people

  • Have accurate self-perception of abilities

  • Manage time effectively

  • Manage emotions

  • Use problem solving and critical thinking

  • Dress appropriately

Click on the link below for more information on Smart Work Ethics such as Agenda, Train the Trainer, etc. 

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