Anish Corporation is a non-profit organization. Our head office is located on the Swan Lake First Nation urban reserve in Headingley, Manitoba. 

We deliver culturally appropriate health & wellness related programs and services to former students of Indian Residential Schools, their family members and support person(s) in Manitoba. These services are provided by Resolution Health Support Workers (RHSW) through a Contribution Agreement with Department of Indigenous Services Canada.


Our services include: 

         Health, wellness and cultural workshops & presentations
         Emotional support provided by our Resolution Health Support Workers
         Assistance with the cost of transportation can be provided by contacting our Regional Coordinator’s office toll-free at

         When necessary, providing referrals to other community services & programs

         Professional counselling referrals

         Cultural support referrals

Anish Corporation also creates partnerships to coordination training opportunities to other IRS Resolution Health Support organizations; as well as various other professional development training and meeting facilitation services.

Anish Corporation Mission Statement & Core Values

Anish Corporation is an 100% Indigenous based company committed to providing excellence in services to IRS former students, their families, and communities. The sacred teachings of the pipe make up the core values and principles of the organization.  


Core Values and Principles:

“The core values and principles are first and foremost practiced and utilized by ourselves, then the spirit of these teachings can be utilized and shared with others. They are meant to guide us in our everyday interactions with all we come in contact with.”


  • How we relate with everyone including ourselves, others, and all stakeholders

  • Appropriate interactions with same

  • Be patient

  • Be present 



  • To see the good in everyone we come in contact with and accept challenges as opportunities for improvement

  • Be present



  • By empowering

  • Being responsive and encouraging

  • Being nurturing and supportive

  • Providing safety and support

  • Being appropriate personally and professionally

  • Be present



  • To have compassion

  • To have an understanding of people’s journeys; where they come from and where they are at

  • To nurture emotional intelligence

  • To allow people to own their own journeys and stories

  • To provide interim emotional  support by being present

  • To provide emotional stability 



  • Is essential and one of the most powerful of the core values

  • To consistently acknowledge/listen to intuition or inner voice

  • Source of peace and guidance  

  • Be present in your listening 



  • To be honest and truthful to oneself and to all others

  • Honesty needs to be balanced with kindness

  • Sincerity in all interactions



  • To be kind and gentle to oneself and to all others

  • Kindness needs to be balanced with honesty

  • To be considerate in all interactions 



  • The power to make appropriate decisions for oneself  

  • Be honest and kind in all decisions

  • The power to command oneself in a honest and kind way

  • The power to control oneself in a honest and kind way 



  • Appropriate interactions in all relationships

  • To be honest and kind in all of our partnerships (personal and professional)

  • To be honest and kind in our affection in all of our relationships

  • To be honest and kind in our sacrifices  

  • Sharing knowledge and resources with IRS survivors, their families and all other stakeholders

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